Wellington Chindara aka Chairman

Wellington Chindara

Born on 7 July 1973, Wellington started community theatre arts half a year after completing his 'O' Level by a kind of fluke [or so he thought at the time] after he was mistaken for an experienced actor by a theatre  group whose member had failed to pitch up for a show at Mutendi mission school. The leader of the group had a notion that Wellington was part of the school’s drama club, which he wasn’t though he had done a bit of acting at primary school. 
When he was asked to stand in for the absentee he jumped at the opportunity and that became his acting baptism.  He did two roles that day and he enjoyed it so much that when he heard that there were plans to form a drama club he found himself there. There were initially six people who formed the group back in 1992 but some started facing resistance from  parents who wanted the school graduates to look for formal employment. 

The number was then trimmed to five. Wellington became the publicity secretary of the group. The young drama group had not received any formal training and  when Amakhosi theatre productions, a professional theatre ensemble from Bulawayo, came to Masvingo they all attended with zeal and passion. The show was a marvel and Amakhosi agreed to briefly train the group. What they learnt that day changed everything. 

From that day onwards it became more of theatre, arts workshops and seminars. Financially, the group relied on schools who allowed them to perform for a fee. However, the money was too meagre for the 5 member group and consequently some members faced further resistance from their parents.

The financial state of affairs then threatened the existence of the group since it caused some members to drop out. At one point Wellington actually worked for a wholesale company to alleviate himself from the financial stagnation. However, by this time he was seriously attached to theatre and managed to get himself fired after six months of work.

When turned back to the group he found out that the other members had already left. More members were then recruited from Wellington's former school.. In 1996 the group became a professional theatre ensemble and Wellington became its first administrative secretary. 

The group held out until 2002 after which the country was hit by an economic implosion. Things became very tough for the entire group and Wellington sought refuge in the rural areas where he tended to the field on his plot. He became  a small scale farmer for a few years. In 2010 he went back to Masvingo to do full-time theatre in which he still is to the present day. 

He then went on to direct the screenplay of Sabhuku Vharazipi part one in 2011, which he co-produced with David Mubayiwa in which he took on the roles of Chairman and Svari.

He is married to actress Kumbirai Chikonye and together they have four children.